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of Tocotrienols

14 June 2017, Melbourne, Australia
- Gordagen Pharmaceuticals, an Australian nutraceutical and pharmaceutical company, is pleased to announce the execution of an Option Agreement to an exclusive global license from Monash University for a new drug delivery technology for use in the field of tocotrienols. This technology has the potential to improve the bioavailability of the tocotrienols that form the basis of Gordagen’s prescription medicines portfolio.

The technology was developed by researchers at Australia's leading Institute in drug delivery and drug discovery, the ARC Centre of Excellence in Convergent Bio-Nano Science and Technology based at the Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS).

A research program co-funded by a Commonwealth Innovation Grant allowed a number of tocotrienol-prodrug analogues to be synthesized and characterised by Dr Chris Porter and his team at MIPS. They conducted rat studies using these tocotrienol-prodrug derivatives. The blood samples from these studies are now being prepared by Gordagen for further analysis using a validated protocol which will provide data on bioavailability and pharmacokinetics.

“Completing the next phase of proof of concept studies in animals is a very high priority for Gordagen as this will further inform our strategy for the development and commercialisation of tocotrienol-prodrugs based on this exciting drug delivery technology platform developed at Monash,” said Dr Glenn Tong, CEO and Managing Director of Gordagen.

Gordagen is conducting an equity capital raising, which will fund current and other ongoing drug development work on the tocotrienol-prodrugs.


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Download the full announcement (PDF, 390kb)