Exercise Endurance – nE1-ElitE®

Gordagen’s lead product in development is nE1-ElitE®, which will focus on improving stamina, endurance and performance.

nE1-ElitE® is being developed as a specially formulated melt tablet (which is meant to be melted in the mouth slowly and then swallowed), made from T3.  Importantly, it contains no alpha tocopherol, which plays an antagonistic role in the body.

Results to Date

Evidence has shown that T3 is an effective and potent antioxidant, protects against exercise induced oxidative stress and reduces the degree of exhaustion caused by strenuous physical activity.

In Gordagen’s preliminary human studies, fit athletes were tested for endurance on spin cycles using 40mg T3 tablets for 2 weeks.  Studies resulted in a 40% increase in exercise endurance.*

(*results were based on a previous formulation indicative of nE1-ElitE®)

Exercise Endurance graph

Development Program

Gordagen recently completed its Single Ascending Dose Pharmacokinetic study.  Results of the study showed that a formulation based on Gordagen’s proprietary and patent-pending MELT3 (melt-then-swallow) technology platform had good bioavailability and plasma levels of tocotrienols were achieved. 

The product nE1-ElitE® is a specially-formulated tablet utilising the MELT3 technology platform.

A Phase II efficacy trial is planned for the first half of 2016 in the US, to investigate nE1-ElitE’s effects on muscle recovery after exercise and exercise endurance.  A launch is planned in the US following results of the clinical study, with other major markets to follow.