Delayed onset muscle soreness – nE1-ElitE®

Exercise frequently causes muscle soreness (DOMS) one to two days afterwards, which can inhibit movement, further training, and importantly, is a serious disincentive to continuing a fitness program.

Gordagen is targeting a nutraceutical product to reduce muscle soreness post exercise.  The product will focus on relieving the symptoms of localized muscle pain, as well as assisting in muscle cell repair.

nE1-ElitE® is being developed as a specially formulated melt tablet (which is meant to be melted in the mouth slowly and then swallowed), made from T3 derived from the natural extract of annatto oil. Importantly, it has no alpha tocopherol, which plays an antagonistic role (the higher the concentration of alpha tocopherol, the lower the bioactivity). 

Results to Date

In Gordagen’s preliminary human studies, fit athletes were tested for delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) 24 and 48 hours post-exercise. Administration of tocotrienols (40mg/day) was shown to greatly reduce subjects’ feeling of pain.

Muscle inflammation and soreness was induced in the arm muscles by dumb-bell repetitions.  Subjects had greatly reduced or no muscle soreness when administered for 10 days compared to placebo treatment.  Results in fit athletes showed a 90% reduction in muscle soreness (day 1) and a 100% reduction (day 2)*

(*results were based on a previous formulation indicative of nE1-ElitE®).

DOMS test graph
Development Program

The product nE1-ElitE® is a specially-formulated tablet (which is meant to be melted in the mouth slowly (over about 5 minutes) and then swallowed) using naturally derived tocotrienols as the active ingredients.

Gordagen’s Phase II efficacy trial is planned for the first half of 2016 in the US. The trial will investigate nE1-ElitE’s effects on muscle recovery after exercise (delayed onset muscle soreness) and exercise endurance. 

The launch of nE1-ElitE® is planned for H2 2016 in the US after the completion of the Phase II clinical studies.  A launch into other major markets will follow.